an employee sharing marketplace, an end-to-end platform that empowers
companies to rent out their spare employee capacity to other companies on a
short-term basis.

with capacity,
companies can

Avoid or minimize the impact of harmful layoff rounds

Successfully manage their employee cost base through temporary market adjustments

Hire better quality and cheaper candidates than temps or freelancers, to resource quickly and efficiently


why use capacity


Supplier Employers

Reduce most significant cost (payroll) quickly when over-capacity, avoid impacts of layoff rounds and the costs of re-hiring and training


Customer Employers

Save time and money, getting better talent than traditional temporary staffing or freelancer options



Gain experience and contacts while on placement, receive additional compensation to usual salary and maintain full-time employment status

Better skill matching powered by ZYNCD

It is time to replace the old CV format, because over 50% of resumes contain lies and errors.

That is why our AI engine, powered by our data scientists from Zyncd, analyses candidate’s online actions into dynamic AI profiles which much better predict candidate's skills.

Professionals create lots of content and have ratings scattered on multiple networks that demonstrate their knowledge and soft-skills. These signals of knowledge, expertise and skills are a great source of verified skills that our clients are requiring when looking for a temporary resource.


how Capacity works


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find out more

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About us

We are a NY-based company with a Germany office. Our team is
experienced in sales, machine learning and large corporate HR policies.

meet our team


Paul Morch


Paul is the CEO of a public energy company based in Houston. He spent many years in corporate finance in Europe, including several start-ups in Energy and Finance.


Alexey Rechkunov


Alexey was the founder and CTO of SFCD, a digital product agency renowned for Ookla’s Speedtest and ADP mobile solutions (no 1. in App store biz category). He is based in NYC.


Simon Schneider


Simon built an successful Internet platform in the freelancing market (acquired in ‘12). Former tech specialist at IBM where he held patents. He is a specialist in bringing data science to recruiting industry.